The Beginning is in Sight


After ordering our beautiful still from the Kothe factory in Germany in May 2017, 10 months later it is finally ready for installation. This last couple of weeks we’ve taken delivery of all kinds of tanks and equipment, all ready to be put to good use. We are still waiting for our gorgeous bottles and labels to be finished, but at least we can start tweaking and upscaling our recipe to ensure everything is spot on.

From the outset, it was clear this would be no easy journey. The reality has been a lot of research, a lot of paperwork and a lot of legal hoop-jumping. With that said, we can’t complain that the ‘market research’ has been a hardship. For the best part of 2 years, we have been obtaining the various licenses, planning our distillery and experimenting with different recipes. Our poor friends and family must be truly sick of us talking about making gin without properly making it – let’s hope the wait will be worth it!

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End view of distillery