The Big Transformation – part 1


Once we had identified a suitable location for our distillery, we found ourselves tackling a project even greater than we’d anticipated. We’ve totally renovated this old barn to transform it into a useable space. I thought I’d share some photos of the journey, its quite hard to believe how much it’s changed.

We knocked down the front wall, salvaging as many bricks as we could and filled up the old single door and window at the end. After getting all the plumbing sorted, the next job was to rip up the old concrete floor before laying a new, slightly flatter one.

We discovered an old brick floor several layers down under one end of the building. It would have been lovely but completely impractical to keep it, so it was unfortunately covered with a new layer of concrete for the next crazy people digging up the floor to find.

Although not in the original plan, we decided to add a long window on the back wall. I’m so glad we did, not only does it let in loads more light, but the uninterrupted view across the fields is marvellous. We also added two large windows at the front and had glass made for the small circular window.

Here is Rupert admiring the new view with a well-deserved beer after wheeling in about 100 wheelbarrows of gravel – the digger was too big for the door!

After cladding the front with feather-board to form some walls in the existing archways, repointing the brickwork, digging a french drain, installing a new oil tank and fitting a brand new set of doors the basic building work was complete. We now wait for the vital still and other equipment to arrive, to complete the transformation.




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