Our exceptional, handcrafted gin captures the freshness of the untouched, enchanting woodland surrounding our Cambridgeshire distillery. Combining our passion for gin and our love of the nearby woods, we’ve spent two years experimenting and perfecting our very own recipe, renovating our barn into a distillery, and distilling our very first batch to be bottled and sealed by hand. Little did we know as we walked round the woods two years ago, a beautiful gin hides within…


The Gin

Our extra-small batch gin brings a subtle woodland twist to a classic London Dry recipe. The botanicals include juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, elderflower and elderberries. Each one plays an essential role without shouting above another.

The delicate candied notes of elderberry perfectly pair with the juniper to gently lift its fruity pepperiness. This one-shot gin is macerated slowly in grain spirit before being carefully distilled by Emily and her team, a process that takes several hours.

The result is a smooth, well-balanced gin with a citrusy nose, bursts of elderberry and a long, juniper finish.

Our Story

Having both grown up in wellies in the countryside, we know a thing or two about high quality, real ingredients and simple, honest flavours. So as our journey into gin began, it felt natural to stay true to our roots and build the distillery in rural surroundings.

Based on the Cambridgeshire estate we’ve grown to love, Emily swapped her daily commute for a three-mile country jaunt to the distillery, and is kept busy with the day-to-day running of the still. Assisted by Rupert at every spare moment, he rolls up sleeves and helps out with everything from tasting the latest experimental batch, to tinkering with the still.

As the journey continues around the woods, we are devoted to ensuring each bottle is as perfect as the first.

Meet the team

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